Foreclosure Tips for Atlanta, GA

The real estate foreclosure process and alternatives in Atlanta, GA differs by state but it usually takes 6 weeks to three months before the proceedings to begin. The mortgage lender will file suit with the courts and you will receive a letter demanding payment. The borrower has about 30 days to make the payment to avoid foreclosure. A judgment will be made after thirty days and the mortgage lender can request that the property be sold at an action.

The auction may take months and is carried out by the sheriff’s office. After the property is sold the borrower is served with an eviction notice. Many mortgage lenders contract with day labor companies to your belongings and clean the property. The delinquent borrower must move immediately.

10 Tips and Alternatives to Foreclosure in Atlanta, GA

A large percentage of ninety-day delinquent loans can be reinstated with out assistance. Borrowers may give up or panic and walk away from their property. Lenders, after 90 days face the potential of some type of loss and foreclosure in Atlanta, GA are the most costly option. Loss mitigation (finding some resolution short of foreclosure) is called loan workouts. The least costly workout option is one, which keep the borrower in their home.

The next option for borrowers with temporary problems is called a forbearance plan; this plan is for homeowners who have short-term reductions in income but project income increases that will once again pay their mortgage obligations. It can also be used for homeowners trying to sell their home on their own and can extended up to 18 months depending on the circumstances. For borrowers with permanent income reductions a loan modification may be the only alternative.

1. Don’t ignore the problem

2. Contact your lender immediately when there is a problem paying your mortgage

3. Open all mail from your lender and respond ASAP

4. Know your mortgage rights

5. Understand alternatives to foreclosure

6. Contact a HUD approved mortgage counselor

7. Review your finances and spending

8. Use existing assets, second car, jewelry or life insurance policies

9. Do not pay fees for foreclosure prevention help

10. Avoid foreclosure scams

Making money renting

Before you decide to sell your home, think about renting. Renting can essentially pay your mortgage. Most rents exclude utilities. You can rent one or several rooms or the whole house.

Purchasing a home or condominium when the real estate market prices are low may be an ideal choice because your tenants can help pay your mortgage and when the real estate market increases so does your equity in your property.

When renting property makes sure you are aware of tenant laws in that area. The security deposit should be enough to cover any damages and should be returned if the property is return in the same condition as when the tenant took possession.

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