Property sales are not moving as fast as many sellers would like. In the current market of Atlanta, GA, it can take between six to 12 months-or maybe even more-before a house can be sold; buyers may not be confident with making such a huge investment and house prices are at a record low, contributing to the slow pace of sales.

For a family in need of money or an investor wanting to move on and eliminate a property that has become a liability from his portfolio, selling property as immediately as possible is highly desired. Turning to real estate agents in Atlanta, GA may not be the best business move during these times. When you need to sell a house fast, purchasing specialists are your best bet in selling property in as little as 30 days.

How will such a company enable me to sell my house fast in Atlanta, GA?” Property owners may be wondering. The difference lies in the nature of these property experts-they are cash buyers who are in a position to purchase property quickly even when the sellers have little or even no equity.

Maybe selling through a Realtor is not for you. You can always try to sell your house “for sale by owner in Atlanta, GA.” Selling “for sale by owner” is for the do-it-yourself crowd. Are you up for the task? Let’s review exactly what this entails.

  • You will have to do a lot of marketing: put signs up in your yard and around your neighborhood, update and maintain advertisements on multiple websites, pay for ads in the local newspaper, take hundreds of pictures, and the list goes on and on.
  • After starting to market your house for sale, your phone will start ringing. Are you prepared to answer 5, 10, 25, or 50 phone calls per week? When will you find the time to talk to the buyers – nights and weekends?
  • Showing your house to complete strangers can be very stressful. Many will just be nosy neighbors who want to see what other houses in their community look like. How will you weed out the “just looking” crowd from the serious buyers?
  • You will eventually receive an offer that you find acceptable (possibly much lower than you originally anticipated because you just want to be done with the stress of the process!).
  • There are still hurdles to get through the closing. If the buyer is getting a loan, all of the appraisals and inspections apply just as if you had listed with a Realtor.
  • Is this process worth all the stress and headaches?

Selling your house in Atlanta, GA to a cash house buyer company is the best option if you want to sell it fast, save time and money spent on marketing efforts. Some people may argue that these companies do not offer your asking price; however, the fact is that they will purchase your house in any condition.

You need not spend money for improving the condition of your house such repairs, home staging, decorating or more. Furthermore, you need not make any efforts to impress and attract your prospective buyers. These companies are always in search of such properties. Moreover, location of your house is not important for them. In fact, these companies buy such properties and sell them further for profit.

You will get the fair price of your house within your timeline. These companies even pay for any legal fee associated with the purchase. When dealing with such companies, you need not do anything; you just need to agree to their proposal, keep the legal papers ready and sign the contract. Everything else is taken care of by the personnel of that company you are dealing with. You can search online to find a reliable cash buyer.

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