With home sales slow or non-existent, many homeowners have decided to stay put and make improvements or additions. These means hiring a general or specialist contractors in Atlanta, GA means extra care must be spent in all phases of the project to insure a successful project.

The first step to any successful project is to obtain multiple bids for the work. This will help establish a fair price for the work. Failing to bid the project means that the price offered by the first contractor could be substantially higher than necessary. In addition, having multiple contractors can provide multiple views on the project and possibly better ways to complete the work.

Choosing a contractor in Atlanta, GA should not be based solely on lowest price. Other factors that should be measured include the warranty offered, the experience level of the contractor, the brands and materials to be used, the experience level with the local municipality and the contractual terms.

Once the contractor is chosen, the owner must research the contractor’s license status and level of complaint, if any, before the contract is executed. Florida has a simple web site that allows a contractor’s license to be verified. Simply surf to myfloridalicense.com, and select verify a license.

Input the contractor’s name or number and specialty and construction industry under the license category to see the contractor’s license. Once the license is found, at the bottom choose view license complaint to see if the contractor has any past or pending complaints.

Get all bids in writing: I know you’d like to be able to do business with someone based on a handshake and a smile, but the reality is that memories fade and a good faith agreement can be misinterpreted by you or the contractor. A contractor is only human, and by taking the time to get all agreements in writing, you’ll have clarity in the event that a disagreement crops up later.

Work with licensed and insured contractors: Licenses and insurance are common business expenses, but too many contractors are running around without the necessary licenses and insurance. You may be provided with license numbers and promises that they have insurance, but I highly recommend that you take what you’re told with a grain of salt. As the owner of a property, you are ultimately responsible in the event that there is an accident or a fire. Make sure that their insurance information is accurate-and that their coverage is in force before letting them begin a job.

Visit one of their worksites: Wouldn’t it be nice if you could somehow magically know ahead of time what the quality of your contractor’s work will be? Fortunately, by visiting one of their worksites you can gauge the quality of their work and see how vigilant they are about keeping work areas clean.

Listen to Your Contractor

Knowing what you want is crucial. It is however, also equally important to listen to what your contractor thinks about your plan. Since you are not an expert, there may be things that just aren’t possible. Be ready to adjust your plans according to what your contractor thinks is advisable.

Set Things Clear

Agree with your chosen contractor. This goes beyond agreeing over the job price and the kitchen design. Your contractor also has the right to know specific house rules and protocol. This is important because the workers of your contractor will be working inside your home. You may for example, want to caution them against smoking.

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