Every home should be properly prepared whether empty or not for the real estate market regardless of location and price if you are serious about selling your property in Atlanta, GA. There are different thoughts on staging empty houses in today’s real estate business.

Empty houses look larger for sure and buyer can visualize their stuff in there better and easier. It is safer and cheaper to go this way because there is nothing turns off the possible buyer if the house has acceptable colors and cleaned except location and price of course.

Second idea is staging the empty house so that possible buyer can see how the life in that specific property feels.

Possible home buyer should feel like someone is living in the house with limited furniture. They mostly leave cabinets empty however they put lovely decorative elements on the countertops, bedrooms should have beds and nice bed sheets; kitchen should look like you just started to cook.

Most of the builders prefer to do the staging with their model homes. Some of them even put fake family pictures in their bedrooms’ night stands. They try to make it cozy and lived in on the other hand builders have advantage of showing their brand new empty houses so builders are most likely use the both main idea.

Staging is critical for some of the properties, especially if they have awkward spaces or small areas that possible home buyer cannot figure out what to do if they are not very creative. Showing the best decoration or various functions will help them to think about the house more after the showings.

1. De-clutter and de-personalize. Simplifying your home is something we all struggle with; we all have a junk drawer (or two) somewhere! The important part of staging your home in Atlanta, GA is to present your house at its best- clean, fresh, and uncluttered. You should move out any pieces of furniture that crowd rooms and remove some (if not all) remnants of family pictures or other personal items.

You want potential buyers to see their families and their futures in this house without stumbling over that old ottoman or seeing pictures of your dog playing in the backyard.

2. Clean everywhere, and I mean everywhere. Nooks, crannies, corners, up, down, and all around. Pay special attention to missed corners and common areas that collect dust (like moldings and tops of lamps and picture frames) as well as the kitchen and bathroom, where buyers will be looking closely for signs of mold and dirt. Taking extra time to scrub bathroom and kitchen tiles, replace any outdated items, and maybe even repaint is a great asset to staging your home.

3. Light is another way to not only brighten your home, but to make it feel warm and welcoming. Do what you can to maximize the sunlight streaming through your windows and mitigate any darker rooms you may have in your home with lamps and overhead lights (but never anything fluorescent).

On the contrary, though, there are times when the statement, “Less is more” is meaningful in home staging. This is why many successful home stagers recommend doing vignettes.

Vignettes are small scenes that are set up in different parts of the home to make it seem more comfortable, while not requiring you to haul big, bulky furniture all around the house. Vignettes, more often than not, make the home feel more homey than a fully redecorated house.

You can virtually set up any kind of vignette you want to, as long as it looks appropriate for the house and makes it more attractive for potential buyers. However, to help you get started on vignettes, here are a couple of ideas that work with any kind of house.

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