If you’ve been considering selling your house quickly in Atlanta, GA, you’ve probably been wondering if it is possible in an economy like ours. Well, I’m not going to lie to you, it is possible, but it will take a bit of hard work and effort on your part. In this article, I will provide you with tips on how to sell your house quickly. So, without further adieu, let’s get started.

Hire an assertive and experienced seller’s agent. Get an agent that is knowledgeable about selling houses quickly. In fact, some agents are specially trained to seek out the desperate buyers, and get their client’s houses sold. Therefore, you must make a point to get in touch with one of these assertive agents so that they can get your house sold quickly.

Price that house right. Houses that sit and sit on the market are not priced to sell. Therefore, if you want to sell your house quickly in Atlanta, GA, you’ve got to set the price right and include some incentives like cash back to the buyer, or some other perks to make them stand up and take notice of your property.

Although there are hundreds of different things that you can do to improve your property’s salability, many of which I have written about in previous articles, within this article I wish to concentrate on those nasty little whiffs that may be sending your buyers packing!

The problem, you see, is we become accustomed to our own surroundings. I’m not name calling here, but over time your home may pick up little smells that you may not even notice, but will drive a prospective buyer straight out of your house. So what should you do?

Do you have pets? As a pet owner you will definitely become used to the smells around your home. For example, you have a dog as a pet, believe me as a non-dog owner, I know the smell can be extremely off-putting! You should look to remove excess hairs from furniture, and thoroughly shampoo your carpets.

You may think, “Why should I, it’s my house“, but this attitude is what is stopping you from selling your house yourself. You really need to remove your identity from the property, and not make your buyers feel as though they are invading your privacy.

Another often forgotten nasty odor… the kitchen trash/bin. Think about the vast array of different pungent food that goes into that bin on a daily basis. Usually it’s removed from your kitchen once or twice a week, but that is long enough to leave a lingering smell. When you are looking to sell your home, get into the habit of emptying the trash everyday.

I guess it should go without saying, but make sure that you thoroughly clean, bleach and wipe down the toilet everyday. No matter what you think, prospective buyers will judge you!

So what sort of discount should you expect to sell at? Many cash buyers offer anywhere from 65% to 85% of the open market value of the property. Realistically, and speaking from experience, a cash buyer will need a discount of around about 82% simply ‘to make their figures work’.

That is, both cover their costs and leave them with an adequate, but not excessive profit, for the future upkeep of the property. Be aware that you understand that the open market value is not the same value that the estate agent would put your house on the market at. Open market value is what your property will actually sell for, if you were to ask the estate agent to sell your property within a 10 week time frame.

Should you expect to pay any additional costs other than the discount when selling to a cash buyer? Definitely no! If the cash buying company you decide to go with asks you to pay anything towards a surveyors valuation, or solicitors fees, or fees for providing the service, then I suggest you walk away. I would advise that you choose the type of company that will pay your legal fees, one that considers YOU and your situation throughout the process, and one that is concerned about making the transaction as cost free for you as possible.

There will be companies out there waiting to take advantage of your situation, and will even offer you as low as 50% for your property. It is imperative therefore that you always go with a reputable company, taking into account all of the above.

On a positive note however, once you do find that trustworthy company, then selling your house to a local cash buyer can make perfect sense, and alleviate those how to sell my house quickly worries!

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