Many are asking, “how do I sell my house myself?” The current economic crisis is forcing people to sell up as fast as possible. The problem is that prices have fallen dramatically in the last year, and you don’t want to end up with the short end of the stick, so to speak. This article shows you the steps required to sell your house yourself for the maximum price possible, even in this buyers market.

Choose A Price

Don’t think that by offering your property at a discount rate you will get a faster sale. The more likely event in that situation is that you’ll get talked into taking an even lower price than the original discount. There is no negotiating in this strategy. Pick a realistic, solid price for your home that you would be happy with. Run with it the whole way.

Place Multiple Ads

You’re going to place ads in both the local and interstate papers, as well as the internet. The current market is seeing a lot of international buyers looking to make an investment. Don’t underestimate these people as no-go buyers.

They don’t always know the local market as well as they should, and you might find them giving some pretty hefty offers. Your ads should list an “open day”. The idea is to get as many people into the house at once so people can see just how much competition there is. Consider holding a kind of “cheese and champagne” event.

Hold “The Event”

Clean the house, throw up some subtle decorations, hire a Lamborghini to sit out the front (I’m being deadly serious..), and generally “posh the place up”. You’re a salesperson, act like one! Set a time for the showing, and allow the guests to have a wander around.

Like I stated before, all of this will give the impression of a high class, high competition property. The buyers will be concerned about the other offers, and will automatically place higher than normal offers.

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