How Do I Sell My House in 7 Days in Atlanta, GA

Since 2008 the US property market has been hammered by a combination of unique economic factors that has seen property prices plummet, mortgage products vanish and consumer confidence fade as the media circus make predictions and counter predictions of when the property slump may or may not end!

But what does this mean for people like you and me who are trying to sell? What about if you need to sell due to repossession, divorce, or financial difficulty?

You see, there are ways though unconventional, to beat the crunch and guarantee the sale of your property whenever you decide.

The first and most difficult concept to understand is the price to sell at! This is always a sticking point for most. I have literally seen people who go bankrupt, miss that once in a lifetime opportunity, allow themselves to be repossessed by the greedy banks and even fall ill over the thought of not getting the price they imagined they would get for their property!

The easiest way to quantify the price you should sell at is by first understanding that your property is not the home that you have loved and taken care off it is not a family member ‘that deserves better’ you must dehumanise it and make it a commodity. It is a commodity that will provide you with a means to an end whether that is a long-term, short-term or even immediate end.

I will explain. When I invest in the stock market I have no emotional attachment to the stocks I buy. I simply assess the speed of which I can sell (get out) to achieve my goals and balance this with the reasons I have for my decision.

You see the amount you make doesn’t really matter it’s the goals you are trying to achieve that do! If you simply look at your decisions from a monetary angle and the “coulda, woulda shoulda’s” you would never achieve your immediate goals.

Now in regards to property these goals could be anything from; avoiding repossession so your family can remain living in their home. Clearing mounting Debt that is causing you constant stress an affecting your well being or liquidating assets to stop the heartache of drawn out dealings with a spouse. Or possibly simply owning that dream property that has just come on the market at a fantastic price!

Once you have understood this concept of using your property to achieve your immediate goals all that is left to do is sell and if you have access to the expert techniques used by professional property investors of how to find buyers who can guarantee to buy your property no matter where is or what the condition and more importantly, no matter what’s happening in the market, you can achieve your goals of selling your property whenever you decide within days!

You see in the last 6 months in the so called property slump when, if you believe the media, no property is being bought I have sold over 30 individual properties from my own portfolio with absolutely no hassle and no stress to people who can buy! I sell to people who guarantee to complete allowing me to reinvest my cash elsewhere or simply move on with my life with ease.

Did I mention that I also Pay Absolutely No Fees which are normally associated with selling property. That means I pay for No Home Improvement Packs, No Estate Agent fees and absolutely No Legal Fees, and it normally takes just 1 phone call or a few click of my mouse…It’s that simple!

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