How Can a Creditor Repossess my Property in Atlanta, GA?

If you are having financial troubles in Atlanta, GA and falling behind on some of your bills and credit cards payments, you may have found yourself hitting that ignore button on your phone quite often. As soon as you are past 30 days overdue on any kind of payment, you are going to find creditors calling and harassing you night and day.

This can be very irritating, especially when you are checking a voicemail just to find a machine saying to call back this very important number. If you are in financial trouble and stressed out already, the last thing you need is unvarying harassment from creditors at all hours of the day and night.

If you are in severe financial trouble, you may find that you have even more troubles than just irritating phone calls, you may find yourself in foreclosure here in Atlanta, GA, or your utilities being turned off, or even your car repossessed. You may even find yourself being served a lawsuit by a creditor who wants their money right away.

All of this can be very taxing, especially when you are trying to get your finances in order. When it all becomes too much and you know that catching up on all of the bills is not going to happen, it may be time to explore bankruptcy. Millions of Americans turn to bankruptcy everyday to help them out of financial stresses.

Bankruptcy automatic stay

When you file for bankruptcy, you get what is known as the automatic stay. This is where the harassment from creditors will have to stop immediately by law. Also, any lawsuits filed against you must be stopped as well. The automatic stay is there to give you some space from the steady harassment, so you can get your finances worked out, or in a more handy position.

Save your home in Atlanta, GA from foreclosure with bankruptcy

You can apply for either chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy. Either one will give you the automatic stay. Now, if you are trying to keep away from foreclosure, use chapter 13, it can be quite helpful in that situation. The automatic stay will momentarily stop the foreclosure proceedings as well.

Prevent having your utilities turned off with bankruptcy

The automatic stay can also help you if utility companies have threatened to turn off your water, electric, telephone or gas. When you file for bankruptcy, the disconnection is at least prevented for 20 days. When the bankruptcy goes through, most utility debts will be discharged all together.

Bankruptcy and Eviction for Atlanta, GA

If your landlord has been threatening to evict you, the automatic stay may just help you stay in your apartment. Although, keep in mind with the new bankruptcy laws, the landlord can evict non-payers of the rent a lot simpler now. If your landlord created a judgment of possession against you, prior to you filing bankruptcy, then they can evict you. Automatic stay will not defend you if you have hurt the landlord’s property.

Bankruptcy can help your situation if you are stressed a lot on your finances, and it all feels too overwhelming. There are many different rules and regulations to the whole bankruptcy procedure, but communicating to a bankruptcy attorney can help you sort out what choice may be right for you.

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